Understanding Your Style of Influence™ Results

When you have completed the Style of Influence™ Assessment you will receive two Reports:
  1. “Snapshot” – 3-page summary Report
  2. “You and Your Style” – 15-page detailed Report of your Profile
iDynamx™ offers additional Reports to assist you in applying your Style of Influence™:

You and Your Style

Conflict Resolution

Team Building


The Reports are designed to help a person understand their Profile and manage their behaviors for greater success. After reviewing your Report you may want to clarify certain points or gain more insight into how to apply your scores, possibly in a current situation you find yourself in. Coaching around your Style of Influence™ is available in two formats: 1) schedule a telephone consult with a SOI Certified Instructor or, 2) schedule an on-site seminar with a SOI Certified Instructor. For more information regarding scheduling a consult, email us at info@idynamx.com.

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