What Is Style of Influence™?

SOI Defined

Style of Influence™ is the convergence of personal, relational and organizational life dynamics. It is not a measurement of what you know or what you believe, but how you will act… it is best defined as ‘inherent traits that motivate actions’.

To identify and understand your unique “Style”, the Style of Influence™ Assessment surveys four key behaviors that are consistent indicators of influencing characteristics. Once the “style characteristics” are identified, the information is statistically combined and interpreted as an influencing pattern, which reliability studies have proven to be highly consistent. These characteristics identify a baseline of behavioral drives within the person… they are not the only such characteristics within the personality but they are highly valid ones that tend to show themselves whenever the person engages, or influences, others.

The “You and Your Style” Report presents a framework that defines what people need or desire from one another. The results bring greater understanding and the possibility that communication, from them and back to them, becomes more effective. Our intent, and the word choices we make, in interacting with others is driven by the factors measured by the Style of Influence™ Assessment. The insights gained from the "You and Your Style" Report help people to realize a joyful, productive role in life… one in which their primary responsibilities can be more effectively centered around their primary behaviors.

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