Understanding Your Style of Influence™

You are 100% of each of the four scales. For instance, you are 100% Cognitive because you hear and consider data and facts. How you process them is your “default behavior” and the SOI identifies that through analysis of your questionnaire responses. The SOI takes your individual scores, in pie chart form, and converts them to a graph to identify your overall “line”… the compilation of your four individual scale scores.

Four Scales

Your score, based on your questionnaire analysis, identifies your default behavior in each of four scales.

The assessment measures each influencing behavior relative to the other influencing behaviors to present a true 360 view of your Style of Influence™.

Five Segments Per Scale

Answers to the SOI questionnaire are analyzed and given a numerical value which is then translated into a percentage score. The primary behavior identified by the score is then placed on the scale and will fall into one of five segments. The segments, with their associated breakpoints, have been developed through the analysis of thousands of profiles over the past twenty-five years.

Your Profile

The “You and Your Style” Report you will receive gives great depth to your individual segment scores on each of the four scales. Collectively, your scores are placed on your graph and form a line which identifies your overall “Profile”. A description is given to identify the default behaviors associated with your Profile and your “Positive Strengths” and “Negative Potentials” are identified in bullet-points.

Bullet Points - Cognitive, Relational, Goal, Detail

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